Study it out (addendum)

This is a follow-up to my last post.  First, I'd like to make the disclaimer that I don't truly believe that everyone that studies this issue out and reaches an educated conclusion will reach the same conclusion I did.  I do not claim to have clairvoyance into the will and mind of God, nor do I claim to be a source of truth.  So, I admit my own fallibility and the possibility of my error.

To anyone truly interested in learning more about this matter, I would recommend the book In Quiet Desperation, which is in two parts.  The first part is the story of a gay Mormon named Stuart Matis who committed suicide because of the conflict inside of him due to his homosexual feelings and the teachings of the Church.  His parents write about him and his story.  The second part of the book is written by another gay Mormon, Ty Mansfield, who has studied the matter out in great detail.  The conclusion he reached is that he should remain faithful to the Church, to live by its standards, etc.  In the book he expresses his deep desire to one day marry a woman, but doesn't know if that will ever happen (since he doesn't wish to marry someone whom he cannot truly love).  He has, since the publication of the book, married a woman and they seem to be quite happy with each other.  Many criticize him (and his dear wife) for this decision.  However, I do not, since I feel that it was an educated decision, based on long hours of study and pondering.  I admire him for that.

Just a moment ago, I came across a list of questions, from a gay Mormon, directed at the Mormon church concerning the matter of homosexuality.  In the spirit of Martin Luther, the list consists of 95 questions.  They can be found here:  I recommend to everyone to consider at least a few of the questions in this list, in your course of studying this matter out.  He poses very sincere questions, and each has a good point.  These are things that I believe should be considered.  Particularly, the question of what modern revelation has been given in regards to homosexuality?  I am not aware of any statement made by any latter-day prophet claiming to have received such revelation.  The one that is cited most commonly in this matter is the Proclamation on the Family, which does not even address the matter of committed, loving homosexual relationships (or even homosexuality in general).