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I visited my family in Utah for Christmas this year.  It's the first time I've been out for Christmas since 2010.  My husband and I visited in 2012, but not for Christmas.  During this trip, my sister planned a tour of the welfare facility run by the LDS church in Salt Lake City, called Welfare Square.  The tour was interesting and educational.  One thought that I had while on that tour stuck with me and I wanted to write about it.

When I started saying things critical of the LDS church in a (semi-)public setting, one of the most common comments I heard from my Mormon friends was "You should say nice things about the church too, not just critical things."  Logically, this is a silly notion.  But it isn't a logical idea, it's a human idea.  It's how we humans think.  We have tunnel vision.  We often feel a need to vilify anything that we see as different or threatening in any way.  So, it is important to remember to include positive things as well as negat…