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Why Mormons will accept gays

It has for some time now been my opinion that the day will come when the LDS church will accept homosexual people in full fellowship into its ranks.  And I don't mean in the second-class citizen way that they currently accept gay people.  At the moment, gay people are welcome to be members of the church, but are asked to either remain single and celibate or to marry someone of the opposite sex, despite their orientation.  I mean to say that I believe that the day will come when the LDS church will allow gay people to marry (someone of the same sex) within the church, and be equal in every other way to heterosexual members.  
Why do I believe that?  Because of the way that leaders and members of the LDS church spoke about black people and interracial marriages prior to the "revelation" in 1978 that black people should be allowed to have the priesthood.   The following is a quote from a letter written by the First Presidency of the LDS church on July 17, 1947.  At the tim…