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The house that Keith sold

Karen and I were a young married couple.  We were in love and ambitious.  I should correct that.  She was ambitious and her ambition sort of spread to me as well.  She was also very frugal, which I admired and respected.  We had just moved to Knoxville for me to attend grad school.  I figured that since I would be there for 5 years or so, it would be financially wise to purchase a house for us to live in rather than pay rent for that long.  So we stayed in on-campus housing while we went house shopping.

We looked at several houses.  Karen was really excited when we first started looking because there were houses in the $20k range.  Our realtor was adventurous enough to take us to one such house, and relieved when we decided we didn't want a house in that poor of condition.  (There were large holes in the floor, all the copper had been stripped, the house smelled strongly of urine, etc.)  We shopped around a lot, and possibly would have looked at other areas in town if it weren'…