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Outfall 4

There are events in life that cause me to be introspective.  Perhaps this is not frequent enough.  I do believe that many problems in life can be solved by people looking inward and examining themselves rather than looking outward to find flaws in others.  And so it is for my own benefit that I ought introspect frequently.

I often find that my feelings are profoundly influenced by how others esteem me--how they treat me, as well as how they perceive me.  I am hurt when I learn a person does not like me, or when a person is unkind to me.  I feel a strong feeling compelling me to engage with people in such a way as to elicit high esteem of myself from them.  This is true even of people that I only recently met--people with whom I have not established a long relationship or deep bond.  In many cases, I have developed a thick skin to prevent my feelings from being hurt due to unkindness from others.  Sometimes this is easier than others.

The number of times I have fought with people onlin…