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Changing old views

I must repent.  That is, I must acknowledge that I was wrong.  This happens a lot.  I've changed my views on so many things.  There are things that I have blogged about that I regret having said.  I've even thought about editing my blog.  But I haven't for a few reasons.  First of all, I do believe in personal accountability.  If I've said something, I should be accountable for having said it.  So I shouldn't delete it just because I regret having said it.  Secondly, I think it's good for people (who are interested) to go back and see how my views have changed over the years.  I really do think much differently than I did four years ago.  And that's apparent in my blog history.

I think it's good to have changing views.  To learn new information, incorporate that information into how you view the world, and to make changes of opinion accordingly.  It's the symptom of an open mind.  It is unreasonable to expect that one has it all right to begin with…