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Gays given permission to support Mormons on social media

Breaking news: leaders of the Homosexual Movement have confirmed that active homosexuals in good standing are allowed to speak positively about Mormons on their social media profiles.

Elton John, Johnny Weir, and Adam Lambert, the First Presidency of the Church of Homosexuals of Latter-day Gays have unanimously agreed that it is acceptable for queers everywhere to support equal rights for Mormons to co-exist among the rest of us, without being expelled from homosexuality.

This is a landmark decision, one that contrasts heavily with past homosexual leaders such as Harvey Milk who made statements including "Mormons want to kidnap your children and molest them." and "I'll never use the word 'Mormon' as a noun.  I reject it as a noun.  I will use it only as an adjective."

When asked for comment, James Obergefell, the named plaintiff in the most recent SCOTUS ruling which upheld marriage equality, said only "I don't know any Mormons, but I hear that…