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I have paid more attention to this primary presidential race than any previous race in my life.  I paid a lot of attention to the 2008 election, where I was a strong supporter of libertarian Ron Paul.  My perception at the time was that most of the candidates sounded the same to me, aside from Paul.  I didn't like most of the Republicans running against him and I certainly didn't like any of the Democrats.

Aside from being liberal now, instead of conservative, I feel very differently about the election this year.  To me there is a marked difference between the behavior, the dialogue, and the campaign of the Democrat candidates and the Republican candidates.  I have watched three or four of the Republican debates and several of the Democratic debates and town halls.  Without exception, every Democrat debate has been a respectful event.  The candidates did disagree on many issues, and they even interrupted each other and their voices even grew mildly irritated at some times.  B…