I was actually very pleased to watch this video (link here) about how people are leaving the LDS church in droves, and not because I take sadistic pleasure in seeing the numbers of LDS church membership decrease.  I think that the LDS church does in many ways serve as a positive force in the lives of some of my family and friends, and so I cannot with good conscience take joy in seeing it suffer.

But the reason that I can take pleasure in this news report is that, to me, it says that people are thinking for themselves.  They are learning about their church (as I did) and are questioning whether what the church says is really true.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone at any stage in life.  And it's not something that you just do once and you're done.  It's more of an ongoing thing that you should do at every stage of life.  Think about what you believe, why you believe it, and whether it's a good thing to believe--or whether it's a true thing to believe.

This is how progress is made in the world.  If people never stopped to think "Why do we treat black people like slaves but white people like people?" then we'd still have slaves and segregation.  If people never stopped to ask "Why is it that men are allowed to vote but not women" then men would still be the only ones making all of the political decisions.  We'd still be back in the primitive nomadic societies we had back in the earliest days of mankind.  It would not be a good thing.  So, let us question our beliefs.  Things that we think are "common sense" or "god-given truths", let us ask whether they really are.  Let us learn more about the world around us.  Reality is so much more exciting and wonderful than any fiction we can ever come up with.