With liberty and justice for the non-gay

If you haven't already read this article from the Rolling Stone, you need to.  Read all of it.  Don't skip anything, and read all the way to the end.  As I read it, I first thought "yeah, more anti-gay bullying".  Then I kept reading.  I was shocked, then disgusted, then horrified, disappointed, and dismayed.  I checked the date.  Is this really happening now--in the 21st century?  Is this recent?  Really?  This isn't from the 50s or 60s?  It's from now?

How can people be so hateful?  How can someone profess to believe in a loving god and actually say to another person--whether in jest or in earnest--"You should go blow your brains out."?  What kind of disgusting, depraved soul would you have to have in order to say such a horrific and inhumane thing to someone else?

How can an entire school district be so calloused as to completely ignore all of these complaints, and all of these suicides?  How can they possibly think it anything other than the grotesque and hateful teachings of those churches who teach that gays are evil and will go to hell?  This should not happen in an enlightened society.  It should not happen in a land where the rights of every individual are held as sacred as anything else--a land that was established for that very reason.

Words cannot describe the anger I feel--the extreme violation of my sense of justice in this matter.  Honestly, how many people need to kill themselves before you finally wake up and decide that what you're teaching is harmful?  I'm through with any attempt I've made in the past to try to bridge the gap between homosexuals and religion.  I will not defend in any way any teaching that says that homosexuals or homosexual behavior is evil.  It is these teachings that are evil.  It is preachers who utter such disgusting nonsense that poison the minds of society--especially innocent, young children--and create monsters that go around telling people to blow their brains out.  This is horrible.

If there is a god, he certainly does not smile on anyone that makes such disgusting and inhumane comments.  He does not approve of administrators and school boards who have the power to do something to stop (or at least curtail) this terror, and yet stand idly by watching it happen in silence.  The deaths of these gay children are on the heads of their school teachers, their administrators, the school board, the preachers and pastors in the area that teach such hatred, and (of course) the bullies at the schools who do such horrible things.

How can someone in good conscience grab another guy's balls and in doing so openly ridicule the boy?  How can anyone feel good about ruining this young boy's life by making him feel completely worthless and evil?  This is disgusting.  There is no place for this on the Earth.  There is no place for this in America.  I will not tolerate it any longer.  No one should tolerate it.  These stories should stir up every heart to anger--at least any heart that has any sense of justice and humanity in it.  The actions taken by the bullies against the gay people of this school district are those of a psychopath.  Ask yourself if you really want to support a religion that encourages psychopathy.

All of the churches who teach anything but love and acceptance toward homosexuality are evil.  They promote and encourage this kind of behavior and it is disgusting.  I hate it.  I hate any teaching that homosexuality is evil.  I hate anyone who believes such nonsense.  The baptist church, the evangelicals, the Catholic church, and the LDS church.  The LDS church likes to pride itself in saying that it's gay friendly, but in many ways that's more harmful because it convinces its members that in the very act of discriminating against gay people they are showing the maximum amount of love for those people.  Such a horrible thing to teach.

If you disagree with me, stay out of my way.  I will tear to shreds anyone who thinks that it's okay to bully people like this.  Don't even try to defend any sort of horrific doctrine that teaches that some people are evil just because of whom they love--or any other equally disgusting and discriminatory doctrine.

I have been motivated in the past to speak out in favor of gay rights, but now my efforts will be redoubled.  I will do all that is in my power to ensure that the day will soon come when gay people will be treated equally and no longer as inferior or second-class citizens.  It is no longer okay to hate or discriminate.  It is wrong and it is evil.  And if you find yourself defending this position, I will consider you to be evil as well.

The day will come when the mainstream churches will accept gay people in full fellowship.  It is inevitable.  They will either do so or they will dwindle into a fringe religion and lose any positive PR they have heretofore acquired.  But, until that day comes, I cannot speak positively of its position on homosexuality.  I must speak against any church that teaches hateful things such as god hates fags or gays go to hell.

We need more love in the world--real love, where you treat other people kindly regardless of any differences.  We need less fake love--the kind where you say "praise Jesus" and then turn around and start gossipping about people or ridiculing them and judging them for being different.  That is not love.  That's hypocrisy.  And it's disgusting.