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Do you still love me?

This is the most recent in a series of videos where this innocent, loving man comes out of the closet.  Since he is actively serving in the military, he couldn't come out completely until yesterday, when DADT was finally repealed.  So, all of his previous videos show nothing above his chin, nor does he disclose his identity.  But, as you watch the videos, you can tell how much he really wants to be out--to be honest with people (especially his family, as seen in this video) about these beautiful feelings that he's been having his whole life.

When I watched this video, I couldn't help but cry, seeing how dearly this son loves his father and needs to know that his father loves him too, regardless of his sexual orientation.  You can tell that it's very difficult for him to disclose this information to a man that means so much in his life.  You can see the fear in his eyes, his demeanor, and his voice--the fear of being misunderstood or causing his father to be disappointed in him.  What tender emotions this man feels, and how brave of him to share it with the world.

This is the very reason why I so detest all of the sentiment going around about homosexual behavior (or even homosexual people themselves) being evil.  How can something so beautiful and innocent be evil?  How can something so natural and fulfilling be a bad thing?  And how can people who spread such falsehoods claim to be doing so out of love, and in the name of God?  It is beyond me.

I am so proud of this dad--how gently he handled the situation.  You can tell that this father truly loves his son--not just because he said that his son's sexual orientation had no effect on their relationship, but because he showed that he actually cares about his son's feelings.  He could tell that it was hard for his son to bring this topic up.  He was able to reassure his son that he really does love him, even though he's gay.  It's obvious that what this son really needed was a hug from his father, and it's equally obvious that if the conversation had been done in person rather than over the phone, the hug would have been given and that it would have been sincere and heartfelt.  

When you have a friend, son, cousin, neighbor, sister, etc tell you that they are gay and ask for validation that you still love them the same, be like this man's loving father.  Understand the fear and angst in their heart.  Understand their need to be loved and validated.  You don't have to recite to them your religious convictions.  You don't have to express disappointment in them.  Know that they are just being honest with you and want you to know what is in their heart.  Be gentle and loving in all that you do.

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