In light of LDS apostle Dallin Oaks' refusal to apologize, I would like to offer general apologies for mistakes that I believe I have made in the past.  If there's anything I miss, feel free to let me know.  Yes, I acknowledge that there is a degree of irony in this because I'm essentially proving myself better than Oaks by doing something he has declared himself unwilling to do, thus nullifying any real humility I might exhibit by providing an unprovoked apology.  However, I do feel a sincere desire to alter my past behaviors and become a better person and it is to this end as well that I write the post.  There may be some overlap with my previous post, but I want to make it clear that I am apologizing for my behavior.

I'm sorry for being mean to people on the internet.  I'm sorry for calling people names and making assumptions about them because they disagree with me.  I'm sorry for being rude to people for voicing differing opinions.  I'm sorry for acting like I know everything.  I'm sorry that I can't be Facebook friends with my own sister because our differing religious and political views drive us to heated arguments.  I'm sorry for the friendships I have damaged by insulting people's characters.

I'm sorry for the pain that I have caused to my late wife's family.  I know that it has been hard on many of them to see their beloved sister's (or aunt's, niece's, daughter's, etc, as the case may be) widower declare himself gay and atheist.  They are good people and I truly do feel bad for hurting them in any way.

I'm sorry for the judgmental words I spoke so easily and so often while I was a Mormon.  I'm sorry for the investigators that I taught about Mormonism while I was a missionary, and for the members whose faith I strengthened with my own expressions of devotion.  I'm sorry to all of the missionaries I interacted with and condemned for disobeying mission rules, even in small ways.  I was very strict and unforgiving as a missionary.  I'm sorry for condescending to anyone who didn't see things the way I did.

I'm sorry for being so quick to take offense--particularly in an argument.  I take things too personally.  I'm sorry for jumping to conclusions and immediately assuming that people are condescending to me and insulting my intelligence.  I'm sorry for acting as though I'm more intelligent than anyone who disagrees with me.