You are you

There are many voices in the world.  Many pressures.  Telling us that we need to fit into a mold, that we need to follow some script.  Go to school, get an education, get a job, support your family.  Major in engineering instead of math.  Be a doctor or a lawyer instead of an artist or a musician.  Love someone of the same sex rather than the opposite sex.  Get a 4.0 in school.  Keep your scholarship.  Don't be late.  Dress properly.

I think that sometimes we need to step back and think about the things we say and do.  I think that the world is colorful, and should be so.  I think that the wide variety of personalities and talents that arise within the people of the world are good and should be more fully appreciated.  Not everyone needs to attend college.  Not everyone needs to work a 40-hour-a-week job.  Not everyone needs to have a monogamous long-term relationship with someone of the opposite sex.  Some people are artistic.  Some people are naturally good at math.  Some are good at sports.  Some people are athletic.  Some people are fat.  Some are attractive.  Some are not.

I think that the world needs all these people.  We need variety to bring the world to life and make it seem all the more wonderful.  I think we need people who are different.  We need people with different skin color, with different talents.  We need people who are passionate, people who are quiet.  People who are content with what they have and people who push for a better life.  We need everyone.

Don't let people change you.  Don't believe someone who teaches that you should not be whom you are.  Yes, there are qualities that we may be able to change which are undesirable and we probably should change.  But there are also qualities which need no change, and some qualities which cannot be changed.  Don't be upset that you are not someone else.  Be you.

The most wonderful quality that I can think for a person to have is to be authentic.