Fornification against evil

Rant time.  This is why I think Christianity (and all religion) is not a force for good in the world, but rather a force for evil and immorality.  San Diego Christian College fired a woman for having pre-marital sex.  Who did they hire as her replacement?  The man she was having sex with.  I know.  I thought it was crazy too.  I thought "No way.  That has to be an Onion article or something."  It's true.  It really did happen.

So, first there's the hypocrisy.  They allegedly don't want the woman working for them because she had sex without being married to the person she's sleeping with.  Well, if that was their real reason for firing her (and not actually the fact that she's pregnant, which would be illegal for them to fire her for) then why did they hire her lover?  If she was having premarital sex then he was too (unless he was having an affair with her, but that wasn't the case).

Second, there's the crazy micromanagement of people's lives.  What business is it of her employer whom she's having sex with?  If it were a PR problem, they may have a case there, but when it's her own private life, she's not under scrutiny from the public eye, she should be able to do what she likes with her own body and consenting partner(s).  It shouldn't matter in the slightest if she's married to the man she's having sex with.  That's none of her employer's business.  I would not accept a job from a company that tried to tell me what to do with my own private life.  The University of Tennessee doesn't care whether I have sex with a man or a woman or no one at all.  Because they shouldn't care.  It's not their business.  If they did care, I'd quit or just never come here in the first place.

But, it's even more than that.  Not only do they want all of their employees to abstain from extramarital sex, but they also want to control their thoughts.  They want to be thought police.  Ever read the book 1984?  (If not, you should.  Right now.)  The government had thought police, trying to control everything that people said, did, and thought.  Who wants to live in a world like that?  And yet, that is precisely what dogmatic religions promote.  Christianity promote thought policing.  Jesus himself promoted thought policing when he said that it's sin to look lustfully at someone.  This is nonsense.  How can an employer expect to control its employees' thoughts?  And why is it bothering trying to control their thoughts?

This is the danger of religion.  This is the danger of dogma.  Trying to tell people everything they should or shouldn't do in life.  Micromanaging people's lives down to the very thoughts that they think. This is fascism.  It is disgusting.  People should be able to think for themselves, to make their own choices, and control their own thoughts.