When you can't use logic...

The following are all statements made by someone on Conrad's wall concerning the post he made about the brief filed by the LDS church, and others, that I blogged about in the previous post.  I promise I'm not making any of this up.  And it was all the same person saying all of it, even though it is self-contradictory in so many ways.  (My favorite one is "I am not a blind follower" and then "I will always support the church.")

"I think we will all find out that marriage is not a civil right"

"There is no mention of anything related to marriage in the constitution."

"Prop eight was deemed unconstitutional by a biased judge with an agenda."

"Being gay is not a race. It is a lifestyle."

"You all know that if there was a case to make this about class then this discussion is over. That is why many people try to use race examples."

"I never said a right of mine would be taken away. But the claim that Marriage is a civil right is false"

"No I mean you are dictating how I would live. You say that this would have no affect on me. But it would."

"If it is the vote of the majority I wont like it but I will go with it. I can hopefully take solace in the fact I live in Texas and it will be a long time before it gets passed here if it ever does. I don't agree with it but if popular vote gets it done then just like other things I move on."

"You are fighting to change the laws that I am governed by."

"Race is always the fall back and again I say being gay is not a race. it is a lifestyle and no where in hsitory has sexual preference ever been considered a class of people."

"Ok not the constitution per Se but state law. "

"I think for myself I did not subscribe nor am I a brainwashed individual."

"I will always support the church Conrad. "

"And Keith by striking down a law he is making them."

"Being married is not a civil right but restricting ones actions based upon race is a violation of a persons civil rights."

"His ruling was not based on the law which is what I have issue with. He is claiming discrimination against a class or race that does not legally exist."

"Should I get rights to marry a cow if i want? I eman it is my chouce right? Who should tell me no? Maybe guys who like milking cows are a race?"

"What are the laws? Most laws I know about are in gneral and not specific to Gay poeple since they are not a protected class. Such as the Hate Crime Laws."

(After being shown that LGBT is a protected class for hate crime laws) "That is all based on the hate crime laws. It does not elevate you to protected status"

"if marriage was a civil right already the issue of marriage for Gay people would have been dead a long time ago. A ruling does not a law make."

"The employment issue is a prime example of why you can not claim rights. You are not a class that has protection."

"Keith I have said multiple times I dont agree with it but my issue never has been whether you should or shouldnt."

"You would get [tax breaks] which reduces revenue and then means mine will go up to compensate"

(Concerning interracial marriage) "It was [the prophets'] opinion and counsel. It was never a law."

"The majority helps to mitigate the extremes."

"Because again the majority approved it. The gay population is less than 10 percent of the country. Our laws are set up to govern against extremism by a small number."