A New Year

Every year on January 1st, people talk about new year resolutions.  This perplexes me.  I understand the argument given.  It is a "new year", that means it's a "blank page" to write on, so let's write good things on that page.  Ok, got it.  But, the same is true every day.  Every minute.  Every moment.  It's as true on July 17th and March 5th as it is on January 1st.

Why only make resolutions once per year?  Why not continually make resolutions?  Why not resolve every time we make a mistake to do what we can to avoid making the same mistake in the future?  Why not instead of promising once per year to be on time to events, to simply resolve every day to be on time?  Why not start counting calories today, instead of waiting until the new year to do so?

Imagine how the world would be different if we all did this all the time?  Immediately before making an action, we ask ourselves whether it is a good or a bad thing to do?  Will I make the world a better or worse place for what I am about to do?  And if it will make the world a worse place, then why do it?  Why not do something else instead?

How about we have New Hour's Resolutions instead of New Year's Resolutions.  How about right now I assess what damage I've done in the last hour and try to rectify it in the next hour?  How about for the next 5 minutes I resolve to be kind to those around me?  How about I put my phone back in my pocket while I'm playing a board game at my friend's house?

Remember, a "new year" is continually starting.  At any moment in your life, there is a 365-day period immediately in front of you, on which you can write whatever marvelous, wonderful things you like, or upon which you can write hasty, self-centered, nasty, thoughtless things upon.

As a side note, it's going to take me several weeks before I stop writing "2012" on everything.  ;)