Separation of person and idea

I really should study more psychology because it fascinates me to observe people and try to figure out how they work.  I suppose for me it's always one of those "If I ever get a round to it" things.  Maybe one day when life isn't so hectic (if you could hear my tone of voice at this point in time, you'd be laughing with me, not at me) I'll look into it more.  For now, I'll just content myself with voicing my own musings and my own findings.

Many Christians, especially my Mormon friends, often repeat the phrase "Love the sinner, hate the sin."  And one time I saw one of those trending Facebook text-pictures that said "If you can love the sinner and hate the sin, then I can love the believer and hate the belief."  At least that statement is logically valid.  But, one thing I've noticed is that it's not quite as easy as we sometimes like to think that it is.  I have found myself on many occasions not being able to separate my feelings for a particular viewpoint (say, for example, the idea that homosexuality is evil) from the person voicing the view.  I try to.  Often I think that I'm succeeding at it.  But several times now, I've found that I simply feel toward the person I'm having the argument with the exact same as I feel toward the ideas ey's expressing.

It leads me to wonder several things.  First, is this concept of objectification a good thing?  I'd like to think that it is.  Second, is it humanly possible, or does our psyche simply not allow it?  I would definitely be interested in reading about any studies that have been conducted to research this question.  I'm going to guess that it's at least theoretically possible but in practice quite difficult to execute.  Third, assuming that it is good and possible, am I doing it?  Who knows.  I think other people would have a more objective view on how well I'm doing on that regard than I would myself.

I will give my opinion, though.  Which, again, is just my opinion.  It's not meant to be scientific fact or incontrovertible truth.  Just a guess.  Perhaps we evolved this as a survival mechanism.  If a predator attacked us, we would need to remember that predator and be able to think of it as bad in order to survive.  So we blend together the act of being attacked with the entity doing the attacking and say they are both dangerous.