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I almost never click on online ads.  Ever.  But, every once in a while one will catch my eye.  Such was the case with an ad the other day that popped up on my Facebook account.  It was an ad for the PC version of Final Fantasy 7.  In my personal opinion, that is the single best RPG I have ever played in my life.  There are many reasons for this.  The story line was rich, the characters had depth, the love was poignant.  I cried every time I got to the part where Aeris dies.  In fact, I would save the game right before that scene so that I could go back and watch it whenever I wanted to have a good cry.  I would also save right before she leaves your party, so I could go back and play her some more, just for fun.

Anyhow, I went there and saw that they had redone the game for the PC.  I'm not a computer science guy, and I really don't know what they changed "under the hood", but they did say that they made it up-to-date with the latest software and hardware--whatever that means.  As the end user, the main differences I've noticed (so far) is just that they slightly increased the resolution of the character sprites, and a few other things as well (save points, treasure chests, etc).  It seems that they have left the scenery the same as it was before, which makes it look kind of silly in contrast with the nicer character sprites.  They've also made it so you have to log in to play.  It saves your game saves on the server--theoretically, so that you can pick up from where you left off on another computer, but do you really play your games on multiple machines?  Also, on your online account, you can view all of your saves and, optionally, max out the stats and gold for any one of the files.  I like that because I sometimes like to use cheat codes in order to rush through a game real fast.

After having played it for roughly an hour, I would not say that it's necessarily worth the $10, if you already have the game in some other form.  However, I don't mind.  The main reason I bought it is because I've been wanting for years now for Square-Enix to completely redo the game, with up-to-date graphics.  (The game originally came out in 97 with crude PS1 graphics--the characters' hands are cubes, they have no mouths, their polygon count is visibly low.)  It may be futile, but I figure if a bunch of people buy the game it might send the message to Squeenix that they really need to remake this game.  I'm convinced that they'd make good money off it and it would be worth the investment.  I'm not sure that I'll play all the way to the end of this particular version that I bought because, to me at least, it's too similar to the original, which I've already beaten umpteen times, always maxing out my materia and getting the best possible gold chocobo.  And, spell check, you really need to learn the words "materia" and "chocobo".  Honestly.

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