Mind Control

In the past, I've been very hesitant to use the word "brainwash" (and its derivatives).  And when I did use them, I was quite careful to make sure that I didn't say that Mormons really are brainwashed, merely that some of their behavior sort of led me to believe so.  However, having read more on the subject, I feel that it is safe to say that yes, Mormons are brainwashed and that the LDS church does deliberately use mind control techniques in order to manipulate its members.

One important thing to remember, before you get too defensive and say I'm flying off the handle here, is that brainwashing doesn't necessarily mean all of the horrible things that we often associate with it.  Mormons don't typically go out and kill big groups of people because of their brainwashing.  (As far as I know, that's never happened.)  And the brainwashing used isn't violent (again, as far as I know).  It's merely the way that Mormonism keeps its members loyal to the church.