The Founders

I always find it amusing when people make statements like "The Founders didn't want...." or "The Founders believed...".  Honestly.  Do you really think that all of the Founders were united?  That at that point in time they all magically agreed, and that it wasn't until just recently that we started having our own opinions?  Give me any one specific issue, and I'm sure there were some of the Founders who were on one side of the issue and some on the other.

Brief history lesson for those who think they can speak for the Founders collectively.  Not all of them wanted to declare independence from Great Britain and form a new nation.  Not all of them wanted to have a Senate with the same number of senators for each state.  Not all of them wanted a federal government.  Some of them wanted the federal government to be sovereign, and others wanted states to be sovereign.  They didn't all agree on every facet of the Constitution.  Some of them didn't want to include the Bill of Rights.

There were liberal and conservative people back in the 18th century, just like there are liberal and conservative people now.  Conservatives can't say that they're always on the side of the Founders.  That's just not true.  People are different and have different opinions.  We all see things differently.  It was no different for the Founders.  They didn't all speak with one voice.  They had their own opinions, and debated them heatedly.