Brotherly love

From your heart to mine
What is this?


Your feelings I feel.
But why?

If something will hurt you, it cannot help me.
If something would cheer you, I'll want it to be.

I cry your tears
I smile for your pleasure
I wince at your pain
I cheer your success

You love me, I love you.
You fear me, I love you.
You hate me, I love you.
You mock me, I love you.

Who are you and who am I?
Why do I feel this way about you?
You are my brother, my sister, my friend.
You are a human, that's all that matters.

I have my life, and you have your own.
You have opinions, and I do as well.
But what's most important is what's best for all.
The individual can't prosper if the collective will fall.

I need you to prosper, to flourish, to grow.
I want you love, to laugh, and to smile.

You have an empty stomach, I want to fill it.
You have no shelter, I want to build it.
You have no hope, I want to kindle it.
Your heart is broken, I want to mend it.
Your eyes are wet, I want to dry them.

Your heart is happy, I want to share it.
Your smile is broad, I want to wear it.
You were so clever, I want to hear it.
You were so brave, I want to cheer it.
You are so proud, so I'm proud of you.