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The power of love

(Okay, so that's the Seasons of Love, not the Power of Love.  But it's more applicable than the other to this post and so is the title of the post.)

If I have learned anything this year, it's the true power of love.  Love really is the most powerful force I have encountered in all of my interactions with people.  How do you measure a year?  I'm a mathematician.  I measure everything numerically.  But this year has been so much more than just 12 months, much more than just 4 seasons.  This year I have found love.

My life is so much more meaningful with a man by my side to share it with.  Love permeates everything in life.  I make dinner with love for my husband.  I wait eagerly on the couch for him to come home, ready to pounce him with a burst of love.

A lot of unfortunate events have happened this year.  I have lost several friends.  I have hurt many family members.  I have had quarrels and altercations.  I've had a crisis of faith, ending in a complete loss of faith.  But all of that hurt and that pain is washed away with love.  I love my family, and they love me.  I love my friends.  And most importantly, I love my Conrad.

The power of love is so strong that I am certain it will overcome every unfortunate thing that people have said to me concerning homosexuality.  The love that my fianc√© and I have for each other will prove all such negativity wrong.  Not because I have a personal need to prove others wrong (which, honestly, I do have), and not because I wish to vindicate myself, but because love endures.  Hate wears out.  Hate gives up.  Hate corrodes and destroys.  It is temporary and will not last.  But love builds.  It strengthens.  It encourages, enlivens, and enlightens.  It endures all things.  Our love will last through any storm.  In many ways we have acted as a shield for each other, blocking out all of the assailants that come our way.

How do I know it's love?  I would do anything for this man.  He means the world to me.  I would stand by his side through any trial or test.  I would endure with him any hardship that he is asked to endure.  And I know that he feels the same toward me.  Each of us is so willing to put the needs of the relationship before our own that we have never had a quarrel.  We have never had a disagreement.  Nothing is more important to us than harmony in our lives.  Neither of us holds an opinion so strong that he attempts to coerce the other into adopting it.  We are one, in virtually every way possible.

And so, I have no doubt that love will win.  Though there may be times that trouble, though there may be people who doubt, love will press on.  Love knows no bounds.


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