Happy Holidays

I personally know people who refuse to do any Christmas shopping at stores that say "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas".  I think it's rather silly, myself--and I always did, even when I was a believing Mormon.  Now that I've seen this video, I think it's much, much sillier.

When I first watched this, I hadn't actually heard of this Dr. Jeffress or his church before (yes, the Baptist church, but not his specific congregation).  My first thought when I heard him say he wanted to do something "positive" by  making a grinch list was "How is that positive?"  Yes, it is definitely taking action, rather than simply complaining about something.  But, it isn't positive action.  Putting a business's name on a "naughty list" because they don't say "Merry Christmas" is a negative thing, not a positive thing.

Also, as the couple in the video points out, it's hardly offensive to wish someone a happy holiday (unless you're offended by someone wanting you to be happy).  Just like AronRa, in the video, I'm not offended if someone tells me Merry Christmas, nor do I hesitate in telling it to other people.

I do think it's really funny when some folk get all upset and say that they're being oppressed and their religious freedoms are being challenged simply because some businesses want to include people of other faiths by saying the more inclusive "Happy Holidays" or even "Season's Greetings" than excluding people by picking one particular holiday and only wishing well to those who observe that holiday.

Christians play the "you're infringing on my religious rights" card a lot.  Wishing someone a happy holiday doesn't infringe on their rights.  Me marrying Conrad doesn't infringe on anyone's rights.  Christianity is not under attack in America, it's leading the attack against those who believe differently.