Giving thanks

In celebration of the day, I would like to give thanks for the following things.

  • My dear, wonderful Conrad, who brings so many smiles to my face.
  • My kind, loving parents who raised me well and molded me into who I am.
  • My fun, excitable siblings for beating me up and playing with me.
  • My friends, who love me no matter what happens.
  • My teachers, who brighten my mind with education.
  • My students, who give me a sense of purpose and inspire me to always be a better teacher.
  • The peace of mind and self-confidence that come with being truly happy.
  • Facebook, to keep up with all of my friends and family.
  • Google, to tell me the answer to life, the universe, and everything.
  • Facetime and Google video chat so I can see the faces of my family even when I live 2000 miles away.
  • YouTube, to entertain me and educate me about the world, science, and current events.
  • The sun to brighten my day.
  • The rain to make my surroundings green.
May we all be truly grateful for the things we have been given.  May we show our gratitude by sharing our blessings with others.