The non-response (clarification)

Last week I wrote the post entitled The non-response, and have since received some messages from cousins. I am always glad to hear from people, but the nature of the email led me to believe that I should clarify what the purpose of that earlier blog post was.

In that post, I stated that I like to get replies from people (in particular, I had emails in mind, but other modes of communication as well). I was speaking specifically of people who have emailed me, I have emailed back, and have since not heard back from them. But, at any rate, I did not mean for that post to be accusatory in any way. I do not have any hard feelings toward anyone about that. I don't mean to call anyone out or express indignation or abandonment at being ignored. The main reason for the post was just to inform people that I would like to hear back from you. That is, if the reason you haven't sent a reply to me is because you're worried that I don't want to read it, you can allay that fear.

The other purpose was just to state that when I don't get a reply, I start to have insecurities about it--I start to wonder if I've done something wrong or if you don't like me anymore, etc. That's just another way of saying that you can go ahead and reply if what's holding you back is the fact that you're not sure whether I want to hear back from you.

Also, I suppose one last reason for that post was just to muse over the several different reasons why a person would refrain from replying to a message. Humans are very complex and human psychology is quite fascinating to me. So, I mused over what would make someone feel like they could/should not reply to a message they had received (in particular about me being gay, but more generally as well).

So, I do apologize to anyone whom I've made to feel as though you've hurt me by not emailing me. That was certainly not my intent. If I haven't emailed you personally to begin with, then I'm not expecting a response. In those cases, perhaps the tables would be turned and I actually owe you an email. Anyway, I do appreciate the people who have emailed me in reply to my earlier post and I apologize for the confusion.