A week with the man I love

I have spent almost a week here in Texas with my dear Conrad. It has been a very magical time. As I was flying in on his birthday, I remember the excitement building up inside of me. The happy day at last had come--after over a month of anticipation. Originally, the plan was that I wouldn't see him until my birthday in June, when he comes to visit me, but plans changed and so I was able to come see him for his birthday. 

When I got off the plane and met him at the baggage claim, we both could hardly contain our excitement. We embraced--a warm and long-awaited embrace. No more would I have to hug a pillow, pretending that it was he. Now I could hold him in my arms. Oh, the magic of being with the one you love!

This week has been wonderful. We visited some of Conrad's friends that he goes to see weekly and watched Smallville with them. On Saturday, Conrad's brother got married and we attended the ring ceremony which took place after the temple sealing. I was quite flattered when Conrad's mother invited me to be in the family pictures that they took at the temple and the reception hall. She is a very sweet lady and it made me feel welcome. Conrad has a very nice family. I enjoyed meeting all of them and getting to know them during the wedding festivities. 

We also went to six flags while we were here. I don't think I've ever had so much fun at an amusement park before. It's always fun, but the lines seem to go much faster when you're with your sweetheart. 

We have done so many happy, joyous things during this time that we've been together and I am very grateful for it. Of all of the fun things we have done, what I have enjoyed more than anything else is being with my man. He makes my heart leap with joy and my eyes light up. He brings me an increased measure of energy and youthfulness. 

I sorrow that I will be flying out tomorrow, but I know that I will see him again soon, and I will be happy because I'll be going to see my family whom I love very much.