I posted this video on my Facebook page a while back, but I just wanted to take a little time to explain a bit about why I like it so much. Here is a link to Katy Perry talking about her inspiration and purpose for this song:
I think she's having budget issues because she couldn't afford the top half of her dress in that interview, so you may want to just listen and not watch that video.

Anyway, I am a really sarcastic person. I constantly tease people, make jokes, and don't take things seriously very often. But, in all of this teasing and sarcasm, I never mean to hurt anyone. I only mean to have fun and make people happy. In all seriousness, I do want people to be happy and to feel good about themselves.

I don't feel like I've had any big self-esteem problems lately. In fact, I feel very good about myself. I try my best to help other people be happy and love themselves. I reach out to my friends and family whenever I see a head that hangs down or a troubled heart that needs comforting. I like to know that people feel good about themselves. I think that everyone is a firework--a bunch of dazzling light waiting to show itself. I like to let my light shine and to help other people do the same. I'm definitely going to try harder to bless the lives of others. Each person has so much to offer this world. How wonderful would this world be if we all let our light shine bright.