Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I've known about and used Wikipedia for a long time now, but these last couple of weeks I've become a regular Wikiholic . It's really a lot of fun. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes correcting grammar, knows something about something, or just likes learning about stuff. They have a list of pages that need to be proofread and stuff like that. I like going through and proofreading them randomly because I learn something new and I have a sense of satisfaction by contributing to the community.

You don't have to have an account or be logged in to edit articles, only if you want to create articles. However, it's nice to create an account because then people can leave you messages and stuff like that.

The most commonly discussed issue about Wikipedia is probably, "How reliable is it?" Well, think of it this way--how many people write a normal encyclopedia, like Britannica? Maybe a few thousand, at the most. How many people are writing Wikipedia? That's almost a million people. You can see their stats here . Now if a couple thousand people can come up with something reliable, why can't a million people? If two heads are better than one, wouldn't a million be better than a thousand? Yes, of course there are people out there that just want to vandalize things and put in silly, stupid, or cruel things, but honestly, what kind of person are you? Most people like to help other people out. Most people like to show off their knowledge. Most people like to improve on a situation. And most people like free stuff, so they'll go a long way to support it. One of the best ways to support Wikipedia is to write articles.