Firefox has got to be the coolest web browser out there. I know what you're thinking--"How can one browser be different from another--all they do is surf the web." That's what I thought too, before I started using Firefox. Just in case you ddin't know, Firefox won PC World's #1 product of the year for 2005. It's a really streamlined browser, all customizable with only minimal wasted space. You can even go to full-screen mode to maximize the internet experience.

Probably the coolest thing about Firefox, though, is the fact that anyone can make plug-ins for them. There are literally hundred of plug-ins for Firefox, with everything from spell checkers to search toolbars. My favorite is one called Tab Mix Plus. It's really cool because it remembers what windows and tabs are open when you quit Firefox, so when you open it back up you go right back to where you were before, without having to bookmark everything and remember which bookmarks they were. It also gives you tons of customizability with the middle-click and other fun things.